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4th year Laurier business student, diehard Leafs fan, aspiring entrepreneur. Founder of HawkSwap.

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One room available Winter 2015 – Beautiful bathroom!!!

We have one nice-sized room available in our house of 4. The room is in the basement (finished), and has it's own bathroom and living room that we rarely use (s...

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brand management


Strategic Brand Management, Third Edition

In great condition. I believe the class (BU470) uses a newer edition, but I had 0 issues in using this one.

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Wanted: Consumer Behaviour

I'm looking for the Consumer Behaviour book for BU432. Shoot me a message if you have it!

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Marketing Canadian Edition


Marketing Canadian Edition

Great condition.. I'll also include chapter summaries and cheat sheets.

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Operations Management 4th Canadian Edition


Operations Management 4th Canadian Edition

Great condition, very useful for the course. Save almost 50% of the bookstore price.

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Philosophy – A Text With Readings – 11th Edition


Philosophy – A Text With Readings – 11th Edition

I have the digital version of this textbook. If you're someone who doesn't need to sit down and make highlights, and just want to save a ton of money, then this...

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Managerial Economics


Managerial Economics

7th edition

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Introduction to Management Science with Spreadsheets


Introduction to Management Science with Spreadsheets

Comes with the Arena CD.

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The Cosmic Perspective


The Cosmic Perspective

Come with both media CDs.

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Marketing Canadian Edition


Marketing Canadian Edition

Actually a decent book, and vital for the course.

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Sublet your place this summer and get 100% of your rent back!

| General | April 17, 2015

I had something cool come my way that I’d like to share with you. It might help.. A LOT.

Last week I was approached (through HawkSwap) by a cool startup based out of Montreal whose mission it is to help students sublet their place for the summer. If you take one look at the Laurier Accepted 201x groups, you’ll see one thing: people looking to sublet. And it makes perfect sense – no one wants to pay $2000+ to have their room collect dust over the summer. So we’ve decided to collaborate and help expand their services to Waterloo.

Here’s how it works.

  • You apply to sublet your place. If you get accepted, they will pay you 100% of your rent each month.

This almost sounds too good to be true, but if you take a look at their business model, it makes amazing sense:

  • In each city they operate, they work with their Regional Manager, an interior designer, local artists, and a professional photographer who apply their skills to rearrange your space and improve its look. They store your stuff in a secure facility.
  • Then they make it easy for travelers to discover your place online. Let’s say your rent is $2,000 (for the unit) per month: they might be able to charge $200 a night. Whatever’s left after they pay your rent goes into helping more people benefit from their service.
  • At the end of the summer, they welcome you back to your place better than you left it.

They do have a short application process, and some requirements for it to work:

  1. They only accept full apartments (you can’t just sublet a single room)
  2. They need pictures of the apartment
  3. It needs to be in the right area
  4. The landlord must be OK with subletting
  5. Needs to be within May-August
  6. Needs to be available for at least 8 weeks

A couple last things. They said they’re running a promo where they’ll even give you $100 as a bonus, on top of paying 100% of your rent!

The other thing, is that for this project to be worthwhile, we’ll probably need to get at least 100 applicants. Applications are due April 30th, 2015.

SO, if you’re interested in subletting your place, shoot me an email at sublet@sunnytrochaniak.com and I’ll send you all the details. They expect to get a lot of applicants, so the sooner you apply the better your chances :)

After you’ve emailed me, share this post with anyone else you know who might be subletting their place this summer. You’ll be doing them a favour, as well as help ensure that we can move the project forward and get your place rented out.

Let me know what you guys think!

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Laurier Top 10 Most Inquired About Textbooks – Fall 2014

| General | September 10, 2014

Interested in knowing the top 10 most inquired about textbooks here at Laurier so far this Fall 2014 semester? Here’s the list:

  1. Operations Management – BU385, BU395
  2. Strategic Analysis and Action 8th Edition – BU481
  3. Calculus with Applications – MA129
  4. Geosystems (3rd Canadian Edition) – GG101
  5. Introduction to International Studies and Globalization – GS101
  6. Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach – SY101
  7. Marketing 2nd Canadian Edition – BU352, BU362
  8. Mathematics of Finance, Seventh Edition – MA170
  9. The Law and Business Administration in Canada, 13th Edition – BU231
  10. Psychology: Themes and Variations, Third Canadian Edition – PS101, PS102

If you have any of these books collecting dust on your shelf, it might present itself as an excellent opportunity to make a few extra bucks!

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Stop Hiding and Use Facebook to Help You Get Hired

| Student Blogs | September 9, 2014

Facebook Lock

This article was originally posted to my blog.


I think we’re all aware by now: most employers will check your Facebook and other social accounts before hiring you. In fact, 64% of bosses admitted to doing so, and 44% of them said that they have changed their mind based on what they’ve seen online (CLOmedia).

So we know our Facebook profile carries a lot of weight as to whether we get hired or not; cool. The problem is, most people have approached this ‘problem’ the wrong way.

Everyone has rushed to make their profiles as private as possible. I’d say about 10% of my contact list has even gone as far as changing their name, just so employers can’t find them. While this may be an effective hiding strategy, you need to ask yourself this question: you are competing for a position with tens, hundreds, or even thousands of other people. Do you really want to be hiding?

When employers go to check your social accounts, it’s clear that they have a need to find out more about you. Hiding your profile does not help them satisfy that need. Furthermore, it will leave them wondering why they weren’t able to find you. What are you hiding? That’s not something you want to leave up to their imagination.

Instead, I’ve taken a bit of a different approach; one where I want employers to find me.. Here’s an outline of my strategy:

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Introducing HawkTalk – A better way to connect with Laurier students

| HawkSwap Updates | January 4, 2013

Screenshot of HawkTalk - Laurier community forums

The winter semester is right around the corner, and as we begin to work off that holiday turkey, the site should be seeing an influx of activity in the coming days. With that, I’ve decided it’d be a great time to launch our latest feature; HawkTalk.

What is HawkTalk?

In short, it’s an online forum where students can engage with and contribute to the Laurier community. You can talk about a project from your class, what the best bar to go to on a Saturday night is (Turret), where the best spots to study on campus are, how the Raptors have inconceivably won 8 of their last 9 games.. you get the drift.

It’s a social platform that enables us to share our resources, our knowledge, our experiences, and our stories, bringing the community closer together.


> Click here to check it out <

It’s been my goal for a while now to transform HawkSwap into a hub for the Laurier community, as opposed to simply being a textbook exchange site that’s used for 4 weeks of the year.

The introduction of student blogs were a step in the right direction (we now have 2 bloggers as of today), but I think these forums will be an even greater leap.

On campus, we’re incredibly connected. We have more clubs than one can count, and a ton of events that go on throughout the year that offer real value. When it comes to our presence online though.. we have some work to do.

I think everyone can agree that the majority of discussions related to Laurier take place on Facebook, whether it’d be in the various groups, or within your own news feed. While this holds certain benefits, it has some definite flaws:

  1. It’s not searchable. Looking for something specific? The only way you’ll find it is if you’re in the right place at the right time.
  2. You’re limited to your network. Only your friends get a notification if you’ve posted in a group, assuming that they’re also a member of that group. The chances of you interacting with someone outside of your social circle is pretty slim.
  3. Posts have a short shelf-life. Try making a post to a Laurier group the first week of the semester. Your post will be buried under “View more” in about 18 minutes.

I feel that the forums (as well as everything on HawkSwap in general) offer a pretty attractive solution to these issues.

With this being the initial launch, there is still a lot of fine-tuning left to be done. I’ve kept the feature-set pretty basic, and the forum categories very general. I’m not completely sure where this will take us just yet, so I’m leaving it open to you guys.

I would also love to hear your feedback if you have any. Is this a good idea or not?

Leave your comments below (oh yeah, the forums are integrated with the comments now).

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Have you received your free $1680 Ontario tuition grant yet?

| General | December 13, 2012

Businessman Throwing his Money Around

I’m surprised at how few people actually know about this. But then again I’m not, because it’s not advertised anywhere, and the only reason I heard about it is because I was eavesdropping on a friend’s conversation (I also heard he had Cap’n Crunch cereal for breakfast that morning).

Anyways, if you haven’t heard about it before, you’ve heard about it now. And it is awesome.

Basically, if you meet their eligibility rules, you get 30% off your tuition, for a maximum of $840 a semester and $1680 for the year.

Here are their rules:

  • you’re a full-time student at a public college or university in Ontario
  • you’ve been out of high school for less than four years
  • you’re in a program you can apply to directly from high school (e.g., undergraduate level)
  • you meet the citizenship and residency requirements
  • your parents’ gross income (total before taxes) is $160,000 or less.

Really basic stuff.

By the way if you’re getting OSAP, you may have already automatically gotten the grant. Make sure you double-check though.

The nice thing is, the application takes maybe 5-10 min to fill out (and you don’t have to write 5 essays as to how you’re an exceptional achiever in your community). I did mine last semester, and got an $840 cheque in the mail, so I know it’s not just a PR stint.

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Introducing Laurier Student Blogs

| HawkSwap Updates | November 16, 2012

Laurier student blogs

Hey Laurier.

I’m pretty excited to announce a new HawkSwap feature; Student Blogs.

Now that the site has grown some legs (240 members, 600 listings, 1.5k unique visitors in Sept), I’m looking for ways to expand it to become more than a textbook exchange site that’s used 2 months of the year. I want it to become the home of the Laurier student community – a resource completely & independently run by the students.

For that to happen, the site needs to be based fully on student generated content, and I feel that establishing a student blogging platform is a step in the right direction.

So, what is it?

Here’s how it works..

  1. You sign up for a blog here. You fill out the form, basically telling me your name and what you plan to blog about. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be specific.
  2. Once I set it up for you, you’re ready to start blogging. You’ll be able to log-in to the back end, and craft your posts from there.
  3. After you publish a post, it’ll show up in your category. Take a look at the screenshots below.

It’s that simple. The most recent blogs will all show up on the blog homepage, keeping it fresh.

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Everything you need to know about buying used textbooks at WLU

| General | August 27, 2012

Goes to Buy Textbooks - DIES

Should I buy new or used?

That’s the age-old question that comes across everyone’s mind whenever a new semester is on the horizon. And the truth is, there’s no straight answer to the question.

I remember the feeling, right before I came to Laurier. I wasn’t sure whether I should bring loonies vs. quarters for the laundry machine, let alone whether I should buy my books new or not.

For first years, it’s really a decision that comes down to “do I want to play it safe and buy new?” or “do I want to save money?” The good news is, it is possible to achieve both in many situations.

Here are a couple things to consider:

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HawkSwap Launches!

| HawkSwap Updates | September 4, 2011

This is a big day for Laurier. Not only has the town come back to life, but we finally have a way to buy and sell textbooks, without having to spam Facebook groups.

The purpose of this site is to simplify the entire exchange process. I don’t know about you, but out of the 20 or so books I’ve purchased, I’ve been able to sell maybe 5 of them. 4 of those through friends, and 1 through Facebook. That’s 15 other books (or $1500+ spent) laying around in my closet, taking up valuable space in these tiny student houses. I would take them back home, but I’ve always thought there would be a buyer for this *like-new textbook.

Now you’re able to list your textbook in just a couple of clicks.. and someone can specifically find your textbook in a couple of clicks. You can also make a listing in the wanted section, meaning half the work is done for you.. how sweet is that.

I’ve also included rental listings. Laurier does do decent job with their off-campus housing site, but I find it’s not as good when trying to find a sub-letter. HawkSwap will hopefully make that process a bit easier.

There is also a Miscellaneous section, where you can list anything else you’re trying to sell/looking to find. This could work well for students looking to join sports teams, looking for a band to play in, looking for a group to study with etc.

Being the initial launch, there are still a ton of things I’d like to work on. I’d like to make the site more social by integrating community forums and a real-time chat. There are also many other things, so your feedback is key. If you have an idea, feel something is missing, or are having trouble using the site, Contact Us!

And last, but definitely not least, this site is nothing without the Laurier community.. Please invite your friends! Like Us on Facebook. Follow Us on Twitter. The more people that use this site, the more exposure your listings will get. Help us, help you.


Feel free to leave any comments below. And if you haven’t already, create your first listing now!

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