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Let’s be real – university is a lot more than just about getting good grades. Looking at the bigger picture, it’s these 4 years that will have the greatest impact on where you are in 10 years. This is one of your best opportunities to develop yourself as a person, as well as your ability to land the career your love. I’ve put together some resources that I think you might find useful in getting you to that next level. I’ll consistently be adding to the page, so make sure to bookmark it! If you have or know of any of your own, give me a shout!

Personal/Career Development

The Secret to Killing a Job Interview – My go-to ‘trick’ for interviews that helps me stand out from the other hundreds of applicants.

5 Easy Ways to Get More Profile Views on Linkedin – LinkedIn might not be as fun as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but it may be the one social network that actually goes out and gets jobs for you. By getting more profile views, you expose yourself to a whole world of opportunity.

Stop Hiding and Use Facebook to Help You Get Hired – Have you changed your name so that employers aren’t able to find you on Facebook? Stop! With a little bit of tidying up, Facebook can actually help you land that job you’ve been gunning for.

5 Benefits of Having a Personal Blog – Personal blogs are great for everyone for SO many reasons. Here’s 5 of them.

Think and Grow Rich – This ageless bestseller was probably the first self-help book I’ve ever read, and I’d recommend it to you as a great place to start as well.

Learn To Maximize Your Time And Get Everything Done – University is a time where you always have so much on the go, that it’s easy to get stressed out or let some things fall through the cracks. Coupled with the fact that social networks provide for a great distraction, effective time management is becoming more and more of a scarce skill.

Career Planning

Taking Advantage of Laurier’s Resources – Whether you’ve heard of them or not, Laurier has some great resources to help you move forward with your career. Take advantage of them while you can!

Getting Started with Laurier Navigator – Navigator is one of Laurier’s best career tools, allowing you to sign up for workshops, networking events, and personal career advice. It also has a job board. It may be a bit difficult to know where to get started, so here is a guide to fix just that.

The Career Development Certificate – What and Why? – A free certification (that you can add to your co-curricular record) that shows you’ve taken the initiative to develop your career skill-set. Why wouldn’t you?

Resume and Cover Letter Writing – Your cover letter and resume are the central components of any job application, yet so many people overlook the effectiveness of theirs. Here’s how to take the first step in improving your resume and cover letter.

Job Search, Networking, and Interview Success – Maybe you do already have a great resume and cover letter. The next challenge is actually finding positions you think you’d be a fit in. Here’s where to start.

Career Planning – Do You Know Where You’re Going? – You don’t need to know what you want to do with your life just yet, but laying down a plan can make that process a whole lot clearer!

Career Skills

HTML Tutorial: HTML & CSS for Beginners – More and more employers are placing emphasis on having a basic understanding of web technologies. This is a great place to start.

The Wealthy Barber Returns – A book written by the Dragon Den star and Waterloo resident, David Chilton. Personal finance can be a tricky subject, but David really does make it easy to digest. This book  had a dramatic effect on how I manage my money.

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